Aligned IA helps organizations make information easy to use and understand.

Information systems are an extension of us. They shape our attention, our ability to think, the meanings we derive, and how we get things done.

As organizations work to serve people and planet, they need information that is clear, cohesive, and effective so that:

I can help you create frameworks and information structures that make for good digital places.

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About Dan Cooney

I honed my IA, UX, research, strategy and consulting skills for the last 10 years as a lead information architect with The Understanding Group. Earlier I was Director of UX for an e-commerce firm and I taught a class on system and service evaluation for University of Michigan's School of Information. (see LinkedIn for more)

I want to make information systems that help people think clearly, keep control of their precious attention and do good in the world.

I have witnessed my work improve the effectiveness of the companies I help. In this way I realize I'm participating in how society evolves and relates with our planet.

I now focus on serving organizations that intentionally relate to natural systems and people with care and respect.

Past clients:

I've helped people in diverse organizations and industries.

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